Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Colorful Expressions of Love & Life

We are lucky, all of us as a group, and specifically us as your art dealer, you as a sophisticated client, and Michael and Inessa Garmash as the most exciting and potentially strongest of the artists we represent. Influenced by some of the greatest Russian artists such as Nicolai Fechin, Ilya Repin and Valentin Serov (as well as great American artists like John Singer Sargent) this fascinating duo brings to us again convincing proof with the arrival of  a new grouping of very important originals. This is their 4th exhibition in St. Augustine and we anticipate, as before, that every single original will sell. There is now a well-established demand, and even craving for their work; this bodes well for those who love to see a steady and inevitable rise in demand and price that often signals a career of greatness.

We don’t want to sound aggressive, however, we are often hurt by the disappointment in the voices and on the faces of those who call or come to the gallery only to learn that one, two, or even three of their preferred pieces are now in private collections. The Cutter Family strongly believes in M & I Garmash and has reflected in depth upon the effect of losing Italian master Pino to cancer this past year. Surely Michael and Inessa can and will beautifully fill the void in the figurative genius that the world and our group has lost. Our intent is to promote and enjoy their gorgeous originals for ‘as long as we live’. You have our word on that. The originals you’ll discover within are fine art at the highest level and worthy of hanging truly and literally in any museum from St. Petersburg, Russia to our great American museums and important private collections just like yours.
Should you decide, based on your knowledge and experience (and possible ownership of their work) to bring one of these new beautifully painted compositions into your home or office prior to the exhibition we encourage you to call quickly. In the past that is precisely what has taken place. At our private gathering you will be able to meet with Michael and Inessa and continue learning more about their extraordinary talent and ability to express and observe love and life in all of its wondrous colors, contrasts and intriguing and riveting compositions. Pre-sold originals must remain through the exhibition and we are sure that Michael and Inessa will, as before, provide every collector with something special and memorable. As their tremendous talent and fame grows it will be nice to know that you have a personal relationship with one of the worlds most extraordinary love stories. We know this much, we love their work, and cherish every moment spent in their presence. Best of all we believe they love coming to St. Augustine and showing you what they see through the eyes of two who love the colors of life and expressing their love for each other.

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