Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Romantic Impressionist Stephen Shortridge Personal Appearance

Stephen Shortridge
Friday April 24th and Saturday April 25th
Live Painting Exhibition
Saturday Afternoon 12pm - 4pm

Interact with Stephen as he creates a powerful painting; questions are appropriate. The Saturday afternoon event is for collectors and any family and friends they would like to introduce to Stephen and his art. Please Join Us!

To view all the available originals visit us in the gallery Loves' Art Emporium 8 Cathedral Place, St. Augustine, FL or online at http://www.cutterandcutter.com/

Cao Yong is on his way!

Cao Yong - April 17th and 18th
Cao Yong Originals Call Now!
Come and meet Cao and receive something fewer than 1% of collectors ever get. It will be another opportunity to meet a living master and to consider adding to your art collection. Visit our web site for details and additional limited editions, which are still available. Cao Yong’s last visit to Saint Augustine saw 16 of 16 new originals sell! Our 2009 exhibition will surpass last year giving Cao Yong fans an opportunity to own art that is unequaled. You’ll find these pieces nowhere else, and we suggest that you give serious consideration to acquiring your favorites. This show will have many surprises, To view some of Cao’s most intriguing works you must visit http://www.lovesemporium.com/ and click on Cao Yong originals. No dealer has ever committed more to this great artist and you have many styles of original material from which you may choose.

Thank You Fine Art Collectors.

Dear Collectors,

All is well in the “World of Fine Art”! Despite the recent economic conditions, we are experiencing an absolute upsurge in the sale of originals, limited editions, sculpture, and fine art glass. America and Americans will see to it that the freedoms we all enjoy will be preserved, protected, and defended for our families, their children, and their children’s children. We will survive and emerge stronger, smarter, and wiser.

We want to thank you for helping us to remain in business. Your acquisitions of so many beautiful pieces have prevented us from the need to discharge a single person and, in fact, we predict that our future in the “World of Fine Art” will be brighter than ever before.

What has taken place? Countless clients have demonstrated that they are more confident spending their hard earned money on “Things of Lasting Beauty”. We are pleasantly surprised to see how many collectors now recognize the value of owning and collecting originals and other works of art. This is not a phenomenon without a historical precedent; previous economic downturns have produced the exact same effect in the art world. Our upcoming shows provide major opportunities for you to build your art collection.....and we hope you do. We promise to continue working as hard as is humanly possible as your art dealer in bringing you the very best work at prices we believe will be applauded by history.

We had a great time Michael! Thanks for coming and we are looking forward to your next visit to the "Ancient City". Michael Flohr fans and collectors will be pleased to hear that several originals sold and everyone who could attend had a lovely time. If you missed the Flohr show please check out the website for the available original oils and sketches, "it's slim Pickens" but we think you'll find the original that was made just for you. You can view all the available work at http://www.cutterandcutter.com/ or give the gallery a call at 904-829-2120 to set-up a private showing.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Michael Flohr is coming to town!

Michael Flohr One-Man Show!
Michael Flohr will be joining us at Galeria del Mar on March 27th and 28th

Michael will make a personal appearance and exhibit some of his newest originals and limited editions at Galeria del Mar, Located in the heart of the Nation's Oldest City (St. Augustine,FL). True art collectors will be pleased to meet one of America's brightest young talents.

Contact the gallery for details on this special "Collector's Event".



Monday, March 2, 2009



Please check out our YouTube channel, with lots of 360 degree sculpture views, live painting demos and more!

Frederick Hart Event - March 6th and 7th

March 6 - 7, 2009

Frederick Hart (1943-1999)

Posthumous 10th Anniversary Celebration

Brilliance In Color will treat art collectors to one of World’s foremost sculptor’s anniversary celebrations. An exhibition featuring scores of Hart's creations will allow art devotees’ to immerse themselves in the career of this beloved deceased master. Possibly one of the greatest art events to be found anywhere in America.

Call the gallery for event Details 904-810-0460