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(actual image of our Confetti)
Wittrock P13, Adhemar 9
Original brush, spatter, and crayon lithograph
Printed in 3 colors on wove paper, c. 1893
Bearing Artist’s Signature Monogram Stamp
Signed in the plate, lower right
Only State, from the edition of approx. 100
Image size: 22 1/4” x 17 1/2”

Toulouse Lautrec, like no other nineteenth century artist was deeply influenced by Japanese woodblock prints. Just like the exuberant life of the amusement quarters of the Japanese Edo period, it was the nightlife of Montmartre in Paris, which inspired the works of this incredible artist. And like the great Ukiyo-e artist Utamaro, Toulouse Lautrec not only painted the world of brothels, but was a frequent guest himself. This cheerful poster was commissioned by the London firm J. & E. Bella, manufacturers of confetti, which was available in Paris only on the black market after being banned following the 1892 Mardi Gras. Before this time confetti had been composed of rather dangerous plaster chips. It was outlawed when a rage of
confetti was thrown from balconies injuries many passers by. In perhaps the gayest of all his images, a giddy, half-length girl is dizzily overwhelmed by the product she advertises. The shapes of the figure flatten and merge into decorative patterns, and the hands emerge on the paper rather than in space. The assertion of two-dimensional design at the expense of naturalism, a feature borrowed from Japanese woodblock prints, gave a visual punch to Lautrec’s posters rarely achieved by his contemporaries. Lithographed posters proliferated during the 1890s due to technical advances in color printing and the relaxation of laws restricting the placement of posters. Dance halls, café-concerts, and festive street life invigorated nighttime activities. Toulouse-Lautrec’s brilliant posters, made as advertisements, captured the vibrant appeal of the prosperous Belle Époque. A partial listing of public collections: Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL; San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, CA; Tate Museum, Great Britain.

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Cutter & Cutter Fine Art's 1st Blog Ever

Well, this is our first ever blog!

First I will tell you a bit about us.

Cutter & Cutter Fine Art, Inc. is the centerpiece of fine art in St. Augustine, Florida. We own and operate eight locations in downtown St. Augustine including five art galleries, a full service frame shop, a secure and climate-controlled warehouse (including an in-house shipping department) and an office staffed by art professionals. We offer originals, sculpture and limited edition fine art from various genres and can assist you in all of your fine art needs. With well over a 100 years of combined experience in the world of fine art, Cutter and Cutter has specialized in representing the finest in Contemporary Realism, Impressionism, Classicism, Figurative Works, Romanticism, Surrealism, Symbolism and Expressionism.

In addition to handling the deceased masters (Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas, Tissot, Cassatt, Cheret, Helleu, Manet, Steinlen, Whistler and other 19th century masters) as well as some of today's top contemporary representational artists in the World, the galleries have specialized in a continuing process of identifying and elevating many previously little-known artists to national acclaim. Cutter and Cutter has become a great venue for a variety of styles, offering collectors an expanded selection of work by artists who reflect the highest standards of quality and integrity within their chosen fields of painting. Among the many notable artists we represent are Pino, Royo, Leonard Wren, Bueno, Jaline Pol, M and I Garmash, Thomas Arvid, Ramon Vilanova, Anne Packard, Henry Asencio, Stephen Shortridge and world-renowned sculptors Frederick Hart, Dave McGary, Tuan and Bill Mack. Our galleries have endeavored to build long-term relationships with every artist, client, interior designer and trade professional that walk through the doors and to ensure that the experience of purchasing from Cutter and Cutter is a memorable and enjoyable one. In addition to their ongoing exhibitions, numerous artist receptions and special events are held throughout the year. At these events, collectors have the unique opportunity to meet today's top living artists in an enjoyable and approachable atmosphere, and artist are able to exhibit a wide breadth of their work to a receptive and appreciative audience. At Cutter and Cutter Fine Art we take great pride in our honesty and the manner in which we represent our artists.

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