Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Friday, December 6th
7 to 10pm - Private Collector’s Party (call to RSVP)
Unveiling of the “Interpretations” collection. 

Saturday, December 7th
12 to 5pm - Public Meet & Greet
Signings, Dedications & Painting Demo

At Brilliance In Color Gallery - 25 King Street
“On the Plaza” Downtown St. Augustine
RSVP: 904-810-0460

“There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.” — Pablo Picasso

To view all available work visit our web site at:

Monday, September 2, 2013

Royo Returns!


November 1st and 2nd (Friday and Saturday) mark the return to St. Augustine and Brilliance in Color gallery of one of the art world’s champions… Royo. No art lover should miss this splendid occasion to see and acquire originals from his recent “Junto al Agua” collection. For over a decade Royo, Spain’s masterful figurative genius, has considered “The Ancient City” one of his favorite places to visit and he has painted this exhibition with our collectors in mind. This is a must-attend event.

Note: Three years have past since Royo’s last visit and experience encourages our strongest recommendation to art lovers to grasp the importance of this Royo exhibition and visit to Brilliance in Color. 

Worley Faver


On October 4 and 5 (Friday and Saturday) Worley Faver will be our featured artist and all of our collectors can find that perfect three dimensional, “object d’arte”. It’s true a Worley Faver pot is timeless and they appeal to all those who can see the deeper meaning in every piece he creates. Join us for this special show.

(904) 810-0460

Private Art Auction

Paintings by Emmett Fritz, Ardis Hughes, Craig S. Castle, Tripp Harrison, Michael Flohr, Peter Pettegrew, Pino and other artists will be available during the September 20th art auction in downtown St. Augustine, FL. The auction will feature over 70 items, including original oil paintings, watercolors and acrylics as well as limited edition canvas giclees and lithographs.

Friday, September 20th at Brilliance In Color

It's going to be "LOTS" of fun!

Viewing Period is from 6:00pm - 7:00pm.
The Auction will begin at 7:00pm.
All bidders must be registered prior to 7:00pm.
Proxy bids are welcomed.
For more information about the auction,
call 904-810-0460
or e-mail bic@cutterandcutter.com

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This August the wine glasses will be brimming with lovely wines that have been specially paired with gourmet hors d’oeuvres created by Chef Scott King (from A1A Ale Works) and Thomas Arvid’s upcoming Personal Appearance on August 16th & 17th is your chance to acquire an original or one of his spectacular limited editions. Arvid always engages with his collectors individually and truly considers all collectors to be good friends. We encourage you to give very serious consideration to the acquisition of an original or print for your collection and make your plans now if you wish to join us on Friday in celebration of, “The Arvid Lifestyle”.

“I love what I do, and I am so blessed. Painting is a pleasure and a passion for me, but I also love meeting my collectors, sharing wine with friends, and traveling with my family. I sometimes think that even in my life, those elements form a beautiful and comfortable composition, like a work of art…. Coming to a city like St. Augustine, with its beauty and its history is a pleasure. I am almost embarrassed to call it work, especially when my work is showcased in such a beautiful gallery with such a talented and engaging team.” - Thomas Arvid

Event Venue:
Brilliance In Color
25 King Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Another first-ever Artist Appearance and Exhibition will allow collectors to meet and bond with artist Josef Kote, whose colorful paintings have created a beautiful new and exciting energy in Galeria del Mar. Kote is truly a remarkable creative genius, and we invite all serious art collectors to consider the work of Josef Kote. CONTACT THE GALLERY AT 90-829-2120 FOR MORE EVENT INFORMATION. EXHIBITION CATALOG

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Artist Dean Mitchell

Artist Dean Mitchell will be here this weekend!
Friday, March 22nd & Saturday, March 23rd

Dean is one of America’s most accomplished African-American artists and foremost voices in the world of fine art. Brilliance In Color fine art gallery (25 King Street, St. Augustine, FL) will host a month long exhibition of over 70 original watercolors, oils, acrylics and sketches, documenting the highly successful career (33 years, 15 museum collections and over 400 awards) of artist Dean L. Mitchell. Dean will be at the gallery for several private events as well as a public opening and appearance on Saturday March 23rd 2013 from 1-5pm. 10% of all sales will benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida.

Dean’s work ranges from his powerful portrayals of the African-American community, to cityscapes and landscapes of the American South and West. Dean’s purpose and goal in life is to provide a narrative of pride, passion and understanding of the human spirit and love. It is Dean’s hope for all communities to come together through art, and further the common bond of humanity that exists in the people and places that his artistic spirit so passionately pursues.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Unveiling the Masters"

Saturday, March 9th

At Brilliance In Color Fine Art Gallery

25 King Street

St. Augustine, FL 32084

Lautrec's "Confetti"
Cutter and Cutter Fine Art of St. Augustine, FL announced today a surprise unveiling of scores of important works from the 19th Century deceased masters Mary Cassatt, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, Edgar Degas, Jean-Francois Millet, Alphonse Mucha and Paul Cesar Helleu. The event will take place at the largest of the firm’s downtown St. Augustine facilities, “Brilliance In Color” located on the plaza at 25 King Street. Serious art collectors will encounter original etchings, lithographs, drawings and sketches, all of which have been professionally vetted and are available for viewing.
Millet’s “Le Depart Pour le Travail”
For fifteen years Cutter and Cutter has introduced the First Coast to distinguished modern Masters such as Frederick Hart, Dean Mitchell, Anne Packard, Royo, Ramon Vilanova and Pino and the firm is credited with providing a major stimulus to the flourishing fine art market on the first coast. All works are on display in a museum like environment, which attracts and impresses collectors who discover this remarkably professional family owned business. Cutter and Cutter will host a special invitation gathering on Saturday evening from 8-10pm (RSVP please) with a formal unveiling of these highly sought-after works, many of which can be found in the world’s finest museums. Visitors to the gallery may expect to see works such as Millet’s “Le Depart Pour le Travail”, Helleu’s “Portrait of Whistler”, Cassatt’s “The Parrot”, “Sara Wearing Her Bonnet and Coat” and “The Picture Book”. The gallery will also have several original drawings and sketches on display from Cassatt and Helleu.

Cassatt's Original Drawing "Head of a Child"
The firm’s most experienced art professionals will be on hand and can be reached via their web site (www.cutterandcutter.com) or at Brilliance In Colors direct phone number: 904-810-0460. St. Augustine is one of America’s most beloved cities for its charm, history, and a thriving art community that is among the best in North America.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Daniel F. Gerhartz Premiere Personal Appearance

On Friday, March 15th 2013 we welcomed, for the very first time, artist Daniel Gerhartz to our gallery Brilliance In Color (25 King Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084). The event was a huge success, thanks to Daniel, his wife Jennifer, the Cutter Family and their Staff, and last, but not least, were all the amazing fans and collectors that came out to show their support of this immensely talented artist.

Daniel Gerhartz

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Call for availability and Quote - 904.810.0460

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Daniel Gerhartz

Just two more weeks and artist Daniel Gerhartz will make his premiere appearance at Brilliance In Color.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

H2O Encore Event this Saturday

Join us at Brilliance In Color this Saturday (1/19/13) 8-10 pm for an after dinner dessert and wine celebration. The opening weekend for our H2O event was such a huge success, with over 100 collectors in attendance, we have decided to host a one day encore event. There will be several new originals available!

RSVP: (904) 810-0460

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Looking for some talented individuals.

Anybody out there in Saint Augustine, FL looking for a sales job. - We are looking for some talented individuals. - Job is commission based. Give us a call at 904-829-0818 if you are interested.