Friday, January 27, 2012

The Pulse - Volume II, Issue #1

Cutter & Cutter Fine Art would like you to know that our dedication to educating clients & collectors is an on-going, and in fact, life-long goal. We are now proudly publishing a full-color, quarterly magazine dedicated to fine art. Items of interest include artists’ interviews, commentary, and discussions, special events (such as personal appearances and special trips), and a variety of topics, including technical information, market trends and subject matter designed to elevate every collectors understanding of the world of fine art. (Advertisers are welcome)

The magazine is called “The Pulse” and is a reference to the heartbeat of the world of fine art. Each quarter you will encounter stimulating images and read the words of the Cutter Family (Matthew, Mark, Len & Sonya), our staff, as well as industry professionals, world-famous artists and guest writers whose universal goal will be to share their knowledge and enthusiasm of fine art with you. In this electronic age you are, as a Cutter & Cutter client, only a click away from enjoying “The Pulse” magazine. Cutter & Cutter Fine Art has thus far produced three issues which can be seen at We have already received very gratifying collector feedback and encouragement, which will always be welcome as time goes by. We know of no other similar firm capable of creating such a “collector-only” periodical and our energy will almost certainly grow for this effort well into the future. We invite you to like us on Facebook or pass along to relatives and friends the pathway to fine art which is “The Pulse”, a Cutter & Cutter fine art magazine.

We are currently sending out a limited number of magazines to selected collectors, If you would like a hardcopy or wish to be added to future mailings of “The Pulse” magazine please contact us at 1-800-268-2240 or send an email request to

Friday, January 20, 2012

Anne Packard Event

Anne has arrived! Swing by the gallery at 25 King Street (located on the plaza in downtown Saint Augustine) and check out all the new originals.

Brilliance In Color
25 King Street
Saint Augustine, FL 32084