Monday, July 26, 2010

Hanging the Gallery for the Royo Blancos Show

Just came back from the gallery (Brilliance In Color) and all I can say is WOW! This was my first sneak peak at the show in its entirety, amazing to say the least. This is by far one of the most complete efforts I have personally seen from Royo. I know that all our Royo collectors and fans will not be disappointed this weekend. The majority of these works are HUGE, and the Blancos theme is clearly evident. We also have several other Royo originals from previous collections and a few really unique works as well. This is sure to be a one-of-a-kind experience that no other gallery in the world could even try to duplicate.

Friday, July 16, 2010


July 31th 2010
Please join us as we unveil the new collection “Blancos” from the artist Royo.

Royo - Blancos
July 31, 2010 (Sat.)

On July 31, 2010, Brilliance In Color Gallery will open "Blancos" (Whites), an exhibition of paintings by contemporary Spanish figurative painter, Royo. This exhibition comprises 35 new oil paintings on canvas together with a selection of drawings, bronze sculptures and serigraphs. Royo has passionately and wholeheartedly dedicated the last 30 years of his career to the same subject matter: the female form. He is inspired by many historical periods from the Old Masters, such as Velazquez and Goya, to the 19th-century Impressionists, such as Sorolla. This new collection of paintings combines formal elements with a subtlety of the contemporary master’s eye. In this collection of Royo's paintings, subjects are depicted by a vast range of different whites, applied with a broken-color technique used to create a dramatic light across the painting. The “whites are composed of a thousand whites”, as Royo notes.

Call the gallery for more event information: 904-810-0460

August 27th 2010
Please join us!

Thomas Arvid Personal Appearance
August 27 - August 28, 2010 (Fri. & Sat.)

Thomas Arvid has taken the art world by storm, with his larger than life, visually seductive, photorealistic paintings of wine, corks, bottles, bottle openers and stem ware. Arvid has achieved incredible success and national acclaim with his still life compositions of wine and the rituals that surround it. He has a talent for portraying light and color, uniting an eye for photo-realism with a genuine talent for abstract composition.

Arvid aficionados instinctively know why they are attracted to his unique style of photo realism and its larger-than-life composition. A quiet drama and pure elegance radiate from the canvas and speaks volumes about the wine. Arvid’s ability to portray texture, light, and mood are only exceeded by his innate understanding of what people love in their homes.

Call the gallery for more event information: 904-829-2120

October 15th 2010
"I want people to feel what I am doing - not just see what I am painting." Henry Asencio

Henry Asencio Personal Appearance
October 15th and 16th 2010
at Galeria del Mar

Join us for a rare glimpse into the artistic process of Henry Asencio as he sketches and paints live models on Friday and Saturday. Enjoy amazing wines and paired hors d’oeuvres while viewing the largest collection of originals and prints from Henry Asencio anywhere in the world.

Call the gallery for more event information: 904-829-2120

Brian Davis Personal Appearance
Saturday, October 30th at Loves' Art Emporium

Mr. Davis is a true artist with vast understanding and knowledge of art. "My art, like all art, is at its core a form of communication that is not easily translated into words - good art transcends words." It is his hope that viewers look at his works and respond, for then they are hearing his voice, understanding his concept of what is worth creating. His paintings are a fascinating group of images that allow the viewer to feel and recognize the nature of light - the essence of a Brian Davis painting.

Call the gallery for more event information: 904-824-0844

November 12th 2010

Collecting a Masterpiece 2010
Demonstrations, Question and Answer, Catalog Signing, Featuring Fine Wines With Paired Hor’s deouvres

These artists have been preparing for this show throughout the year and the best of their best will be on display and available to collectors. “We are thankful to be in a business where those who love the arts inherently understand that it is about acquiring things of lasting value and beauty.”

Call the gallery for more event information: 904-829-2120