Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday, July 17th & Saturday, July 18th
July 17th & 18th holds for art collectors an opportunity to learn about (and acquire) the “La Belle Epoque” period artists: Mucha, Helleu, Chahine, Stienlen and others. These artists of yesteryear continually influence and will be joined by the modern day works of artists M & I Garmash who are sending many new and unique reminders of their pursuit of artistic excellence for your viewing pleasure. The weekend will also be filled with one of America’s largest displays of the bronze and acrylic sculptures of the late Frederick Hart. 

For details or questions contact us at Brilliance In Color.
(904) 810-0460

Friday, August 14th & Saturday, August 15th
Another date to remember will be August 14th and 15th when the astonishing and sophisticated artist Simon Bull is exhibiting another diverse series of his accomplishments in the acrylic medium for his devoted and yet-to-be-discovered future followers who are most often those art collectors who love bold, brilliant colors, endless creativity and paintings that please even the most powerful eye as well as those who appreciate and adore the subtleties that his paintings often reveal. 

For details or questions contact us at Galeria del Mar.
(904) 829-2120 


September 18-19, 2015
450th Anniversary - St. Augustine & Spanish Influence
A beautiful celebration of St. Augustine's 450th anniversary and the Ancient City’s Spanish heritage. Cutter & Cutter Fine Art has assembled an extensive exhibition of some of Spain’s greatest living and deceased artists - including Spanish Masters: Picasso, Royo, Salvador Dali, Ramon Vilanova and Miro. This will be a masterful assemblage of works rivaling any exhibition of its kind held anywhere. Please call for advance information on original oil paintings, etchings and lithographs. Brilliance In Color: 904-810-0460,

October 2015 Date TBA
We will conduct our first-ever St. Augustine themed exhibition, featuring only works in which the subject matter is based in, on or around our quaint and historic little town…. The Nation’s Oldest City. Featured artists will include (but are not limited to) Matthew Cutter, Dean Mitchell, Dmitri Danish, Michael and Inessa Garmash, Don Dahlke, Glen Tarnowski, Simon Bull, and many others. Art collectors can, and should, imagine a fall exhibition of some of the freshest new art and ideas Cutter and Cutter galleries have ever exhibited. There will be originals available in all formats and compositions & colors that will please every taste. We will celebrate too… we want to have fun and enjoy our profession, which is anchored by the wish of bringing our art collectors… “Things of Lasting Beauty.”

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Josef Kote Personal Appearance

Galeria del Mar, a Cutter & Cutter Fine Art Company, announced today an exhibition of over 30 new originals and limited editions from New York based artist Josef Kote. A private Collector’s Party and reception will take place on Friday, May 30th from 7-10pm and the exhibition is open to the public and available for sale on Saturday, May 31st. Josef Kote will be available during a public Meet & Greet on Saturday between 12-5pm.

“These colorful originals from Josef Kote represent the greatest excitement we have seen in many years” said Len Cutter, president. Cutter went on to say, “Kote’s unique blend of realism with abstraction and expressionism has enlightened us as art dealers to a change in the tastes of art lovers in our First Coast marketplace. Throughout the years our galleries have been traditional, classic line and form, if you will. Our sales inform us that, as markets mature, new and younger collectors have emerged and we must keep pace. With artists like Josef Kote, with his highly trained eye and uniquely powerful and expressive style, we are doing just that.”

Kote was born in Albania, immigrated to Toronto and has recently settled in New York City.

The gallery is open from 10:30am – 10pm on weekends and 10:30am - 6pm on weekdays call 904-829-2120 for details. For further information visit and click on the events tab.

Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Ramon Vilanova Event

Getting ready for our weekend exhibition/appearance of Ramon Vilanova and his best work ever. Over 50 unique originals available in sizes ranging from 4” x 6” up to 60” x 60”. Meet the artist this Friday at our Collector’s Party with hors d'oeuvres & paired wines (7-10pm, RSVP required 904-810-0460) or at our Saturday Meet & Greet (12-4pm). 

Friday, February 28, 2014


Exhibition Opens 3/7/2014 runs through 4/4/2014 

Artist Appearance on Friday, March 7th & Saturday, March 8th

at Brilliance In Color Gallery – 25 King Street, Downtown St. Augustine, FL. 

A large exhibition of powerful paintings beautifully composed by Spanish Master Ramon Vilanova especially for collectors who consider St. Augustine to be the “epicenter” of the art world. Vilanova loves St. Augustine and will be available to meet with collectors and discuss his intentions and passions for each original. This extraordinary and diversified group of work created “en plien aire” marks a historic period in a life that is totally dedicated to expressing a true passion for nature. This exhibition will rival those generally found only in major cities around the world, these are world-class paintings! Vilanova’s technique yields endless light differentials and color nuances that are unparalleled. All originals have arrived in the gallery and when seen in person they provide visual proof of the genius of Ramon Vilanova.


Friday, February 7, 2014



It is fitting that one of America’s most romantic getaway cities (St. Augustine, FL) is hosting one of the art world’s greatest and most remarkable love stories... M & I Garmash. A large number of new originals will be unveiled along with a very special private collector's party and reception. The significance of two artists working in unison is understood and has amazed those who love and enjoy the paintings of M & I Garmash. You may contact the gallery at 904-810-0460 to RSVP.
Note: St. Augustine is highly regarded for its elegant restaurants, luxury hotels and world class bed and breakfasts. Call us for help booking your accommodations, rooms fill up quickly, try not to delay, this could possibly be the most romantic event we have ever put together!