Thursday, January 27, 2011

Worley Faver

Cutter & Cutter Fine Art is now the exclusive representative for nationally renowned potter, Worley Favor!

This Saturday, January 29th from 1:00 – 4:00 PM, Worley Faver will be available at Brilliance In Color (25 King Street, on the plaza in downtown St. Augustine) to meet with you and explain his remarkable hand-coiled technique (no potter’s wheel is used). This is an ancient technique, used by Native American Potters (one of Worley’s biggest influences is Maria Martinez, one of the oldest, most revered American Indian potters) and actually goes back to early Egyptian times. Worley’s only modern tool is his kiln, all his pottery is created by hand, using tools nature provides (he uses a walnut shell and corals for textures and a smooth river stone for burnishing, the dark color is achieved by placing the red-hot pottery in a mound of wood shavings). With this time-honored technique Worley brings an artistic embellishment to each original pot that comes directly from his meditations on life itself and all of its mystical meaning.

At the risk of boring you or creating a thought of , “to good to be true”, allow me to give you my personal guarantee, that this work with all of its sophisticated design, shape, style, and historic connection will be with us, as one of our most stimulating offerings for as long as Worley Favor creates them. His unity of thought and spellbinding textures are coupled with geometric designs and abstract elements from nature as well as the nature of man. Each piece of pottery is unique and we anticipate literally every collector that has acquired artwork from our galleries can and will have the perfect setting for one of these timeless treasures. Each will become a terrific heirloom to enjoy together as time goes by. We are committed to Worley’s pottery, and we fervently hope you will join us to see for yourselves the beauty of his creations. Worley is current working on a major piece, and this Saturday offers you the chance to see, feel, touch and even smell the will not be disappointed. You will be in the presence of one of the most extraordinary artists we have been privileged to represent.

A massive array of pottery will be available, and we believe you will be astounded at the magnificence found in them. No two are alike and some require two month’s time to create. The bottom line...those given to grasp greatness in art will see instantly that I have not overstated the case, and I believe will be grateful with the gift of getting to know an artist like Worley Favor. He lives to express himself through his hands, and his work will help you to connect with the deep and abiding reference he has for life and the gift of living simply must see his creations.

P.S. - Worley’s prices range from $500.00 for smaller pieces up to $10,000.00 for larger works.
Visit our website to see over thirty unique and different creations. (
Remember these are one-of-a-kind, works can be replicated but not duplicated, if you see a piece you love do not hesitate.

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Brilliance In Color - 25 King Street

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