Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brian Davis - This Weekend at Loves'!

Brian Davis
Personal Appearance
October 2010
At Loves’ Art Emporium

Friday, October 29th 7 - 10pm
Unveiling of New Originals | Wine tasting paired with fine cheeses, fresh fruits & light hors d’oeuvres.

Saturday, October 30th 1 - 7pm
Featuring signings, canvas dedications and Brian will allow us a rare glimpse into his artistic process as he works on multiple originals.

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About Brian Davis
The crisp, exuberant paintings of artist Brian Davis give as much meaningful insight into his dynamic, perfection driven personality as the floral renderings he creates. Meticulous in his process and passionate about his art, Davis never lets a piece out of his studio that is “sub-par.” The result has been a 30-year career filled with much-coveted art in Davis’ unique realist style.

“For an artist to be successful, a professional level of consistency is very important,” Davis explains. “I have spent many years working to achieve this goal. I feel very proud of the body of work that I have produced in my career.” From an early age, Davis was considered the artist in the family. After studying architecture for two years in college, he realized that fine art was where his heart truly was, so he shifted his focus.

Davis has enjoyed a successful career as an illustrator. However, he thought of illustration as more of a stepping-stone to his primary goal of a career in fine art. He entered the fine-art market in 1980 with an image of two calla lilies against a black background. The piece served as the poster image for a show of Davis’ work at the Long Beach Museum in Los Angeles. Through the years, Davis met some challenges, but he always managed to maintain an optimistic frame of mind. “Any profession that provides one with emotional satisfaction in addition to a livelihood is filled with strong competitors,” Davis says. “To be successful, an artist needs a tough, determined and have a positive mental attitude, in addition to talent.”
Notable Collectors:
Barbara Streisand, Quincy Jones, Michael Milken, Cher

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